mobileo general principles

„Language is the source of misunderstandings“
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

We offer our customers great emotions and extraordinary events. Therefore our organization has to perform well coordinated and has to deliver outstanding results. Our customers and partners learn from our values what they may expect from us. The general principles also serve to our employees as a strong orientation for their daily work.


Unforgettable experience

We convey the experience „drive a Segway“ and perform events with great emphasis. Our guides present their region from its manifoldest perspective. Hereby we offer our guests an unforgettable experience. We fulfill specific customer needs and give priority to customer oriented thinking and behaviour.


Smooth performance

As leader within the offered services we strive for high professionalism. We consider our behavior with self-criticism and search continously for improvements. Processes are described and trained. With investments above average and extensive service of equipment and vehicles we keep failures low.


High level on safety

We highly emphasize the safety of our guests. Our guides are well-trained and our guests get a comprehensive instruction and riders training.


Motivated employees

Each one contributes with his or her best performance to the success of the whole. We conveye a strong team culture and are perceived as a well-rehearsed team by our customers. We think overall and forward-looking and act self dependent. We keep mistakes low and learn from them.


Binding communication

We communicate in a personal, respectful, transparent and fair way. We strongly support dialogues and integrate our customers and employees. We held our promises and promote only what we are able to meet.


Engaged development

When building up our activities we strive for synergies. We are steadily screening further appropriate products, services and partners and engage us within available ressources. Growth may not damage our stability.



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