Advantages at a glance

  • Increased attention «Eyecatcher»
  • For use in frequented areas
  • Suited to outdoor and indoor promotion
  • Storage place for advertising material
  • Wide range of publicity
  • Direct customer contact
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Presents a modern, innovative Image


the Segway PT Promotion


  Perskindol is focused on an effective promotion campaign at the eid. Turnfest in Biel and used Segway.

Perskindol, Biel 


  To introduce the eTrucks Nestlé realised an effective promotion campaign with Segway.

Nestlé Promotion, Bern 


  "Fast through the city, fresh through the day" - so the teams toured with cool equipped Segways across three countries.

Emmi Fresh City Tour 


  Emmi also used Segway at the Ski World Cup in winter as awareness boosters.

Emmi Promotion, Wengen 


Generate more attention with the Segway PT

Increase your advertising success ten-fold and enlarge the sphere of action of your Promotion Team, while generating an extremely innovative and positive image.

Use the innovative, mobile Segway advertising platform to bring your message directly to your customers. Increase the level of attention to your business, while enjoying much lower costs in comparison to other promotional methods.

The mobile, innovate Segway Personal Transported (PT) is the best eyecatcher for advertising, for introducing products, to draw a crowd at exhibitions or company functions and all the while imparting a symbolic image of innovation. Advertising on the Segway PT Promotion generates an innovative and congenial image. As the advertised products and services pass by, they are imprinted in long lasting memory.

Its intuitive steering, high maneuverability and minimal space requirement make the Segway PT Promotion attractive for use in frequented areas with a high volume of pedestrian or road traffic. The Promoter stands 20 cm higher on the Segway PT and as such is exposed and obvious.

Profit through outdoor or indoor use of the Segway, which allows personal and direct customer contact.

Use the Eyecatcher for the following promotions

  • Streetpromotion

  • Flyer distribution or sampling activities

  • Introduction of products and services

  • To draw a crowd at exhibitions, as an advertising vehicle at exhibitions or as a Segway obstacle course

  • At company events

Any way you choose to promote your business with the Segway, your success is guaranteed.

The Segway PT can also be equipped for the following advertising purposes

  • Advertising sign mounted on the handlebars

  • Technically sophisticated stationary wheel hubcaps

  • Flag at the rear (Beach flag)
  • Bag for promotional material

Complete advertising material can be printed according to your requirements.



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