Stefan Etter mit Genny 2.0

The vegetable farmer Stefan Etter from Ried is dependent on a wheel chair due to his medical condition. For a little more than a year he has been using Genny 2.0: “I am so much more mobile than before.” Read more here (article is in german).

Genny mobility

Nicole von Moos attempts to achieve maximum independence and participation in all areas of life. With Genny she gains even more freedom.

Genny Mobility redefines mobility

Genny 2.0 redefines your movability. The vehicle does not only look great, you can also steer it exceptionally well and it takes you to wherever you like. The vehicle suggests freedom and so far unknown mobility also on challenging terrain. Locomotion transforms into ease. Cobblestones, gravel roads and gradients will be fun rather than obstacles in the future. Thanks to the genius steering your hands are free to hold a sandwich, an umbrella, a dog’s leash or your partner’s hand.

Genny 2.0 is based on the Segway PT and offers everything you can dream of concerning safe locomotion and unforgettable future experiences: completely intuitive and high-precision steering, high speed and range, extensive safety due to redundancy of the most important components of the system as well as environmentally friendly electronic drive. The ingenious parking stand extends in the front and back at the same time so ensure safe and steady entries as well as exits. Steering like in a helicopter, landing like a space shuttle!

Thanks to small dimensions there are hardly any obstacles for Genny indoors. Maneuver within the smallest spaces due to a turning radius of 0 meters.

mobileo GmbH is the official Swiss distributor of Genny 2.0


mobileo GmbH
Eichzun 4
CH-3800 Unterseen

Tel.        +41 (0) 33 442 80 10

Photogalery Genny

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Genny 2.0 in numbers

  • Speed: max. 10 km/h

  • Net weight: 90 kg

  • Max. permitted load: 95 kg
  • Range: to 40 km, depending on driving style, terrain, rider weight, tire pressure, wind etc.

Product flyer

Here you can get all the about Genny Mobility 2.0

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