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  This was a successful event. Great atmosphere, beautiful weather, great instructors - and a lot of men with happy faces.

Arthur König, Event in Lucerne 


  «That was a fantastic event. Top prepared and also well executed.»

Andreas Arnold, ABB 


  «It was just great: easy to learn, simply fun and convincing.»

Roger Kipfer, Swisscom IT Bern 


  «Simply an ingenious and extraordinary team event with a guaranteed fun factor!»

Tabea Kahle, Swisscom IT, Bern 


Safety on the road

As official, authorized Swiss Segway tour operators, we take utmost care for quality and safety.

Segway Authorized Tours

Questions and answers about events


How does the Segway PT function?

The Segway PT is a computer on two wheels: five gyroscopic sensors and two acceleration sensors analyze the terrain and body position of the driver one hundred times per second. To move the Segway PT forward or backwards, the driver simply leans forward or backwards. To turn left or right, the driver tilts the LeanSteer handlebar to the left or right. When the driver stands upright the vehicle stops. Further information about the functionality of the Segway PT can be found here.

How do I learn to ride the Segway?

Our guides will show you how the Segway PT works. Afterwards, each participant can experience the unique Segway life and drive style. To get used to the device, the Segway PT will be switched into beginner mode allowing reduced speed. The guides are available at any time for questions and provide a safe realization of the event.

What is the maximum speed?

The maximal speed of the device is 20 km/h.


How safe is riding a Segway?

The utmost care and research has been invested in the security of the Segway PT. Redundant systems and comprehensive sensors ensure that the vehicle is at all times controllable, also in exceptional circumstances. Detailed information about the technology can be found here.

Years of experience prove that the Segway PT is a secure vehicle when used appropriately. Just as with every other vehicle however, it is important that the driver is looking ahead. Understanding the functionality of the Segway PT and using it appropriately can prevent injuries, which happen as a result of misemployment or loss of control. Our guides will impart the appropriate handling of the device during comprehensive safety training.

Are helmets worn during events?

For security reasons all participants wear a helmet. We provide you with helmets in different sizes.

Who is liable in the event of damage?

Our vehicles are insured against damage to third parties (liability insurance). However, you are liable for all damages to your own vehicle. When booking the event, participants can purchase the motor own damage insurance for a small fee. The participant´s individual accident or health insurance should cover personal injuries.

Requirements and conditions of participation

Which requirements and skills are necessary for driving a Segway?

The Segway PT is very easy to use and there are no special skills required. Hence, Segway riding is suitable for both young and old. Getting on the vehicle is similar to getting up a single step of a staircase without any assistance. The weight of the driver must be between 45 and 120 kg.

A driver’s license is not required for a Segway Obstacle Course as long as the event takes place on private property and not on public Swiss roads. Thus, even people without a driver’s license can experience the unique driving pleasure of the Segway PT.

Can I drive a Segway whilst being pregnant?

It is possible to drive a Segway during pregnancy. However, keep in mind that you are on a motorized vehicle and the possibility of incidents can never be eliminated completely. Generally we do not recommend the participation for women in a late stage of pregnancy.

What should I bring?

We provide the vehicle, helmet and safety vest. Please wear weather-appropriate clothing. We suggest taking your own light rain protection along in case of uncertain weather conditions. Please wear closed, flat and comfortable shoes (Ladies: no high heels please). Warm gloves, winter footwear and warm clothing are recommended during the cold season of the year.

Group size

Which group size is ideal for an Obstacle Course?

A Segway Obstacle Course is best suited for large groups with more than 00 to 60 people (which is too large for conducting a Segway Tour) or if several participants are not in the possession of a driver’s license. Furthermore, the Obstacle Course is also ideal if you are looking for an innovative and attractive recreational activity at your seminar or if you need a supporting program for your event.

What is the minimum and maximum group size for an Obstacle Course?

A Segway Obstacle Course can take place for groups from 15 to 500 persons. Depending on the group size and occasion, we recommend an Obstacle Course as a sole happening or as a supporting program at a lager event.

How many guides are supervising the Obstacle Course?

One guide is supervising 2 to 3 Segway drivers at the same time by introducing one participant after the other into the functionality of the Segway PT and how to ride the device. Once a participant has experienced the life and drive style of the Segway, the device is returned to the guide and the next contestant takes over.

The number of guides and Segway PT’s is depending on group size and the time available for your event. We are happy to send you a tailor-made offer.

Obstacle course space and surface

How much square footage is needed for an Obstacle Course?

The size of the Obstacle Course depends on the number of participants. The space required for a driving area for small groups of 20 to 30 participants is a minimum of 10 x 15.

For larger groups of e.g. 60 people we recommend an area of minimum 800m². It is also possible, to equip several areas with different Obstacle Courses. The individual courses are then passed consecutively.

What is the ideal ground surface for an Obstacle Course?

The ground for the outdoor Obstacle Course should be even, without any gradient and ideally tarmaced (outdoor) or resistant to black stripe (indoor). Not suitable are loose surface materials such as gravel (outdoor) or carpet (indoor).

Ideally suitable ground surfaces are for example parking lots and or spacious company premises.

Are there well-established Obstacle Course locations?

You will find a selection of our Switzerland-wide event locations here. In some cities we also have a choice of possible outdoor areas, a few of them with catering options.

Realization: Time, weather and language

Can I choose the time and date?

You can choose the date and the start time of your event – given that we have free capacities.

What happens when it rains?

In general our tours also run in non-optimal weather conditions. However, we cannot guarantee that the booked event can take place at the scheduled date/time. If an event is cancelled due to weather or security reasons (heavy rain, storm, severe weather warning) you may rebook, obtain a voucher, or if agreed you get back your payment deducting our administrative charge.

Should we consider an event as not feasible, you will be contacted and informed by us. If you are uncertain about the feasibility, do not hesitate and contact us one or two days before the scheduled event under +41 (0) 840 42 42 42.

We provide rain ponchos free of charge in case of a short rain shower during your event.

Which language will be spoken at my event?

You can decide upon the language spoken at your Obstacle Course. Multilingual guides will be allocated for mixed groups. Please advise the desired language/s in your initial request so we can take it into account.


How can I reach the mobileo team outside office hours?

Our hotline is reachable every day under +41 (0)840 42 42 42 - also on the weekends. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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