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Innovative Mobility

Mobility is essential in daily life. We continually demand more flexible, agile means of everyday transport that require minimal effort to reach acceptable speeds. Our products of intelligent mobility make a contribution towards this demand.

The Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is currently the most widely available innovative means of modern day travel. The self-balancing vehicle is steered solely by weight shifting and the intuitive handling of the transporter enables simple and immediate learnability.

The compact and powerful electric engine requires neither maintenance nor fuel. With a full battery, the Segway PT easily covers distances up to 38 kilometers. It is the perfect combination of form, function and a large dose of fun. The advanced technology and design provide an environmentally friendly and everyday alternative for individual mobility in urban areas.

Both Freee and Genny use the self-balancing Segway base and offer an intuitive electric wheelchair. For people with paraplegia and limited mobility these electric wheelchair open up completely new horizons.

Enhanced quality of life through mobility

Freee F2

Freee F2

Redefining mobility

Genny mobility

Genny mobility

Ultimate driving pleasure

Segway PT

Segway PT

Easily travel from A to B

KickScooter MAX G30D

KickScooter G30 D

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