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Questions and answers about rentals


How does the Segway PT work?

The Segway PT is a computer on two wheels: five gyroscopic sensors and two acceleration sensors analyze the terrain and body position of the driver one hundred times per second. To move the Segway PT forward or backwards, the driver simply leans forward or backwards. To turn left or right, the driver tilts the LeanSteer handlebar to the left or right. When the driver stands upright the vehicle stops. Further information about the functionality of the Segway PT can be found here.

How do I learn to ride a Segway?

You will get to know the functioning of the Segway PT during comprehensive safety training as part of obtaining your Driver Card or during a tour. The device is firstly set in beginner mode (speed up to maximal 9 km/h and slower turning rate). After the first driving experience the standard mode will be activated and an extensive lesson in braking will be conducted to ensure safe driving.

What is the maximum speed?

The maximal speed of the device is 20 km/h.

How large is the range with one charging of the battery?

With a fully charged battery the vehicle has a theoretical range of up to 40km. The travel distances depend primarily on payload, riding style, temperature and terrain. Thanks to the integrated technology for recuperation, the battery is charged at every downswing and when breaking. With the charging cable included in the rental package, you can recharge your Segway using a standard electrical outlet whenever needed.


How safe is riding a Segway?

The utmost care and research has been invested in the security of the Segway PT. Redundant systems and comprehensive sensors ensure that the vehicle is at all times controllable, also in exceptional circumstances. Detailed information about the technology can be found here (in german).

Years of experience prove that the Segway PT is a secure vehicle when used appropriately. Just as with every other vehicle however, it is important that the driver is looking ahead. Understanding the functionality of the Segway PT and using it appropriately can prevent injuries, which happen as a result of misemployment or loss of control. Our guides will impart the appropriate handling of the device during comprehensive safety training.

Is wearing a helmet compulsory?

For security reasons we recommend to always wear a helmet. We provide you with helmets in different sizes.

Who is liable in the event of damage?

Our vehicles are insured against damage to third parties (liability insurance). However, the lessee is liable for all damages to his/her own vehicle. The lessee´s individual accident or health insurance should cover personal injuries.


Which requirements and skills are necessary for driving a Segway?

The Segway PT is very easy to use and there are no special skills required. Hence, Segway riding is suitable for both young and old. Getting on the vehicle is similar to getting up a single step of a staircase without any assistance. The weight of the driver must be between 45 and 115 kg.

The Segway PT is classified as a small motorcycle in Switzerland and a valid driver’s license category A1 45km/h (scooter, aged 16 and above) or category B (car) is required.

Where am I allowed to drive with a Segway?

Currently, the Segway is permitted on Swiss roads, cycle paths and lanes as well as all areas where scooters or motorcycles (not mopeds) are approved. This means that driving on sidewalks or in pedestrian zones is not allowed. You will receive detailed information about this topic during the Driver Card training. Further facilitation of traffic is planned at the beginning of 2015.

Can I drive a Segway whilst being pregnant?

It is possible to drive a Segway during pregnancy. However, keep in mind that you are on a motorized vehicle and the possibility of incidents can never be eliminated completely. Generally we do not recommend the participation for women in a late stage of pregnancy.

Terms of hire

Can I choose the time and date?

You can choose the date and the start time for your rental – given that we have free capacities. The Segway is equipped with lightning and can even be driven in darkness.

The rental rates are daily charges. The pickup can be made after 9 am and the return should be no later than 6 pm. Rentals outside this time frame as well as multiple-day rentals can also be arranged on request. A reservation is required in any case.

How can I rent a Segway with mobileo?

The Driver Card is mandatory for renting a Segway PT. The Driver Card can either be acquired on a Segway tour prior to your hire or at the latest on the rental day itself. It only takes a less than one-hour instruction including driving practice and an exam. Simply make your appointment with us.

Where can I rent a Segway?

You can rent one ore more Segway PT i2 for private use in Interlaken, for example to explore a city on your own. Please make an appointment with us for the Driver Card and the handing over of your Segway.

How about renting for commercial use?

For commercial use please refer to Segway Switzerland.

Can I transport the Segway PT fit with my car?

With the help of a ramp, you can load a Segway PT into your car very easily. As long as your Segway PT is in the balancing mode, it only requires little strength to guide it up the ramp. If your car has a small luggage space, the handle bar of the Segway can be removed. The device requires a space of 40 x 64 x 46 cm.

What should I bring?

We provide the vehicle, helmet and safety vest. Please wear weather-appropriate clothing. We suggest taking your own light rain protection along in case of uncertain weather conditions. Please wear closed, flat and comfortable shoes (Ladies: no high heels please). Warm gloves, winter footwear and warm clothing are recommended during the cold season of the year. Don’t forget to bring your Segway Driver Card if you already have one.

Driver Card

What is a Segway Driver Card?

The Driver Card is a Segway driving license with multiple levels, which correspond to your riding experience. The Driver Card allows you to rent a Segway PT without the respective driving training and safety briefing. The Driver Card, however, does not replace the legally required driver´s license.

Find here more information about the individual levels and procedure.

How do I receive a Driver Card?

After a theoretical introduction in handling the Segway PT you will complete your first maneuvers and driving tasks on the vehicle. Subsequently, you will apply the newly learned skills on a practice tour or citytour to gain a safe driving level on the road. To pass the Driver Card examination you need to pass a multiple choice theoretical test and successfully complete the practical driving test on the basis of specified maneuvers.

Segway Switzerland will issue the Driver Card and send it to you by mail (the photo will be taken on site)

Do you accept Driver Cards from other countries?

Yes, we also accept foreign Driver Cards, for example from Segway Germany. If you have a different foreign Segway Driver Card, we are happy to check its validity.

Locations and availability

Where can I receive my Segway?

You will find our rental location Interlaken here. Our staff will welcome you at the agreed time and meeting point to hand over your Segway. You will complete the Driver Card training and exam prior to your rental.

What is the best way to arrive at the meeting point?

You can find all information about our meeting point Interlaken here including directions, on-site parking options and details about your journey with public transport.

How do I reach the mobileo team outside of office hours?

Our hotline is reachable every day under +41 (0)840 42 42 42 - also on the weekends. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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