Genny redefines mobility!


Genny Mobility redefines the movability of persons with restricted mobility. This innovative and also visually attractive electronic vehicle drives on challenging terrain without any difficulty and offers distinctive driving fun. Being the first Swiss activity provider mobileo incorporates the vehicle into their event program and offers joint Segway PT and Genny-tours.

Experience a new feeling of freedom with family, friends and work colleagues. Discover the beautiful surroundings of Interlaken with Genny 2.0, accompanied by your escort on Segway PT – an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

The innovative technology of Genny 2.0 is based on the fascinating stabilization features of the Segway PT and offers incomparable driving experiences. The steering is completely intuitive - accelerating and braking happens only with your torso, steering sideways with the handle bar.

The vehicle is powered solely by two big wheels due to the self-balancing system. It allows driving on areas that are very difficult or even impossible to access with conventional wheel chairs.

Discover the fascinating characteristics of Genny with us in stunning scenery!
Initially guided tours with the vehicle are available in Interlaken with prior reservation.


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